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Panoramic view of Turin


Torino, Italy – April 19 2013

(same day and same location as the INFOCOM 2013 workshops)

The TREND NoE ( and the Green Touch initiative ( are glad to invite INFOCOM 2013 attendees, as well as all researchers interested in the field of green networking to this joint workshop.

Participation is free, and includes lunch and coffee breaks, but attendees are required to register using the link of the left menu, for logistic purposes.

The energy consumption of communication networks is a growing concern of network operators, under pressure for growing traffic demand, the consequent need for technology investment, and a desired cost reduction. Industrial and academic research groups are exploring many possibilities to identify viable solutions for energy parsimonious networking.

This workshop will present results of cutting edge research performed within two of the most influential research projects in green networking, TREND and GreenTouch.